Game projects

In the following games I have been designer, adviser and/or producer:


Prep game, a board game about the “stelling van Amsterdam”

Track’r, games and hardware for recovery from strokes and muscle diseases

Gameskool, online platform to learn game design and game programming

Digital version of the medical game of the KIT

Tourgame, several minigames with ipods at the stelling van Amsterdam tour

Gamescool, programming games at school

Leven het spel, an interactive theatre game on life and dying

Instructional game about playing the violin

Sharkworld, a project management game

Pie Supply, a procurement game

SOA simulator, a educational game about STD’s (and about programming simulations)

YoFranky, an open source game made in Blender3d

Cultknaller, a game to promote culture and art

Gouden @penstaart, best game elections