Open source handbook projectmanagement now in English

In 2007 I wrote the handbook project management for DANS. This handbook was published under the creative commons licence, and is free for non commercial use. Now, translators of the University of Amsterdam have translated the handbook into the English language. You can find more information on the Dutch and English handbook on Feel free to download the handbook, and off course expand the handbook with your own writing.

So, why is this message to be found on a blog on games and serious games? Well, the book was written originally for DANS, an organisation that is committed in preserving (digital) research data for many generations to come. In order to do so, DANS needs to create a lot of software of their own, especially databases. Sorry Microsoft but Access is very likely to be gone in 25 years, probably sooner 😉

The handbook is about organising the creation of software. For those who know a little about it, the handbook explains about the waterfall method and iterative methods (Extreme Programming to be precise). Waterfall is great if you know all the specifications of a project in the beginning. If the project is more uncertain and more creative, iterative is the way to go.

If you are to develop a (serious) game, you will need to organise your game creation process as well. Unless if you think it is ok to go 100 % over time and budget off course. Those who ever have made a game can confirm that you need to do this in an iterative way. I believe that the Extreme Programming method is a good method for game creation. Read and decide for yourself…

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